It’s a world of laughter…well it was. Now it’s truly a world of tears.

Three years ago the first superheroes appeared in a flash of hope, mystery, and excitement. They took the world by storm and soon they had become household names as they tried to figure out their place in society. Things had just started to settle down when the Exes appeared.

No one wanted to call them Zombies, that was way too politically charged a word to use, but hey, if it shambles like a zombie, decays like a zombie and eats brains like a zombie…well of course you call it an Ex. Ya know, for Ex-human.

The heroes did what they could, but the world fell apart far faster than even they could fathom. As the planet slipped into anarchy, small groups clung to existence as the future of humanity tottered on the brink of extinction.

But we all know that there is a place. A special place of hope and joy. Some call it the happiest place on Earth. Five thousand survivors and their superhero guardians call it home as they try to salvage civilization from the ruins of apocalypse.

Welcome to Ex-Disney


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